Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Feb. 28, 2015

Hi mom!

I loved your email!  you make me happy. I love being able to hear you say what you have typed! I am glad that we have such a close relationship. I love you so much. don't forget to wear your bracelet tomorrow!

it is so much fun to have others going to Naga as well! it will make mission conferences that much better! I love my Kasama. that is companion in Tagalog. she is so sweet and wonderful, and makes me strive to be a better person in general. I am amazed at how well we balance each other out. we comfort each other when we are feeling down, or discourage. we are so insync, its crazy,and awesome! our teacher the other day, as we were conjugating verbs, he was like"I love your companionship." We really are a good match.

the other sisters are going to lagastby, and Quezion city north. 

the language is great. we can write simple sentences now, which makes teaching easier. there were a couple days that it was harder than normal. but through prayers, and amazing teachers, and some awesome scriptures, I was able to get through it. 2 Nephi 32:2 was one of those  scriptures that helped me remember that I have only been here a week, and that nothing is impossible with God. I am so grateful for his help, and for my wonderful teachers!

Sister Baird and I had a wonderful learning experience with Joy this week. so we taught her about the book of Mormon, and she asked us about life, after death, so we totally thought that we should talk about the plan of salvation. well i had a thought after the lesson, that we should invite her to be baptized, but I didn't know if we could do that, so I stayed quiet. well during personal and companion study, I could not focus for the life of me on the plan of salvation, and sis. Baird couldn't really either, but she was better than I , and pushed through, and studied on the plan of salvation. well that next night,  we still couldn't focus on the lesson, and we just could not agree on how to teach this lesson. so I suggested that we pray. when we finished with prayer, we sat there for a minute thinking, and then sis. Baird said that she had the thought that we should invite her to be baptized, and that she had had the same thought I had after the lesson. but didn't voice it either. so we read where joy had her question, in the third paragraph in the BOM, and it talked about the doctrine of Jesus Christ, and that talks about being baptized. the lesson then began to fall into place, and we felt so good about it. Such an answer to prayer. I had always known that prayer worked, but I took those experiences for granted. I know now that they are real, and true.

really quick, this week the sister from Kiribati had never had popcorn, and we were talking about it, and so we went and we popped it, and she like freaked out! it was so much fun. those are some of the picture that i sent to you earlier were about. 

I love you mom, and I know that this Church is True.
talk to you next week!!!

Love sister Emma Nelson

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Andrew is now a Life  Scout!
So happy for him.  Now on to Eagle...