Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Andrew is now a Life  Scout!
So happy for him.  Now on to Eagle...

Monday, February 23, 2015

Spencers Preference Pictures with Aubrey.
Her first email...

Hi my dears!
I love you all! Saturdays are P-days until April second, then it will probably be Monday for p-days!
How is life at home? The MTC is an amazing place! I am amazed at how well I have pick up the language here. I can say sentences and I am learning how to pray in Tagalog. I like my companion, Sister Baird she is from Heber Utah. We are both going to Naga. She reminds me a lot of Janell Boekweg.

I have six people in my district. a set of Elders, my kasama and I, and another set of sisters. the Elders are also going to Naga! I am so excited to go over there. 

Yesterday Sister Baird and I taught our fist investigator in Tagalog. it went about as well as a first lesson in a different language could go! her name is Joy. today I get to go to the temple. I am so excited to go back! I miss the temple.

I am also surprised at how well I have adjusted to not having my phone. Like I miss it, but I don't have separation anxiety from it. I do wish though that I could call home, and be able to explain things to you over the phone than from E-mail. 

I found out that email I showed dad about like that card information is because I get like a church debit card to use while I am in the Philippines for like food and stuff.

I love my roommates. Two of them are from Utah, and there is one from the islands of Kiribats. she gets to go through the temple today, so I think our zone is going to support her in that. I found out today, that this will be her first time in the temple ever. That shocked me. I never realized how much I take for granted. like the temple and the convinces of living in America.

My Branch President told us that that don't have a lot, and I knew that before, but then he told us stories about how an elder was limping one day, and pres asked why he was, and the elder said that he didn't have any shoes for his mission, so he neighbor gave the elder his old ones, and they didn't fit the elder right, so Pres. gave him some money, and told him to go get some shoes that fit. A day or so latter, Pres. saw the Elder again, and he was still wearing the shoes that were too small, and Pres. asked where his new shoes were, and the Elder responded, "President, those are my Sunday shoes. I can't wear those!" I realized how blessed I was, living in America, and that I had been so blessed to be sent to a family that had money, and that i live  so close to not just one temple, but four within about a 30 minute radius. 

I am so grateful for the gospel in my life, and that I have the opportunity I have to go to the Philippines and teach those brothers and sisters! I love this Gospel, and all of my brothers and sisters. It makes me happy.

I will send pictures next week. I also have a letter that I need to mail to you dears, and just haven't gotten to the mail box yet. I love you all so much, and I will talk to you on mothers day, and next week! maybe I will write in Tagalog ;) Hope that this is enough for you, mom. If not tell me what more you want to hear, and I will write it! 

To my brothers! I miss you both so much! I hope Esther is dancing for me ;) I hope you do well today, Andrew, at your basket ball game! (I want a picture of him in his jersey please mummy). have fun on your date tonight Spencer!!! (I also want pictures of that pleas Mummy) Keep going to mission Prep! that has been so helpful for me, even though I am speaking another language! It is a wonderful opportunity or you both! I love you both so much!

Love, Sister Emma Nelson

Emma's Mission has begun

Emma went into the MTC on Wed., Feb. 18, 2015.  It was a beautiful day!  We had lunch at Wallaby's (her choice) and then headed to Provo to drop her off.